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Science research

GC Biotech sources life science research in the Netherlands and other countries. The focus of GC Biotech is to source developments in automation. They want to achieve this goal by providing the best application and technical support to customers. GC Biotech gives advice to customers, which is tailored to the specific customer and the research of the customer. This makes GC Biotech different from other companies that offer science products for research.

Necessities for genomics

When you need advice with the purchase of products that are necessary for you research, you can always contact the specialists of GC Biotech. The experts are skilled in research in genomics and other fields. You don’t just get an email with advice, but the company will set up meetings for you with the specialists that fit your science project. This means that you can have meetings with service engineers, application specialists, but also with sales reps. Meetings with our specialists are possible in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and Scandinavia. If you live or happen to be in one of these countries; don’t hesitate to contact the science experts for all your questions about you research.


Besides being able to give excellent advice, GC Biotech distributes all products that are necessary for research in the field of genomics, but also in related fields. All products that are sold are of a great quality and are aimed at simplifying, accelerating and improving life science research. The team behind the company exists of salesmen who have a background in molecular biology and engineers. The combination of these professions makes the team perfect for selecting and distributing all necessities for life science research. The benefit of having salesmen with a scientific background is that they can spot scientific trends in life science. This qualifies GC Biotech to offer the newest and best products.