Choose responsibly, choose magnesium hydroxide for flame retardant materials

The world is changing, better means of communication means that people can learn from each other more easily. It also means that different viewpoints are starting to gain support all over the world. Even the industrial sector is starting to take steps that reduce the strain they put on the environment. So if you’re looking for a company that can provide you with magnesium hydroxide, flame retardant materials, make sure you choose a company that pursues this goal as well. A company like Europiren perhaps. This international chemical company uses as little energy as possible, and is constantly striving to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Flame retardant PVC by means of a magnesium hydroxide coating

Magnesium hydroxide makes for materials that can absorb both heat and smoke. These characteristics greatly improve the chances of survival should a fire occur. It prevents an outbreak in case of a short circuit in one of the electricity cables. And by choosing a partner that can deliver you the right materials, such as Europiren, you’re choosing a partner that works environmentally friendly. This company produces magnesium hydroxide without the use of toxic additives, and uses as little energy as possible during production. Inquire about the possibilities today or take a look at their website for an impression of all flame retardant methods available.

Magnesium hydroxide is ideally suited to make your products flame retardant

Better flame retardancy is always the preferred choice when it comes to selecting building materials. It is not the only advantage that magnesium hydroxide offers though. Cables, for instance are way more valuable, and safer to use when they are provided with a magnesium hydroxide coating. In case of a short circuit, the chance of a fire hazard is greatly reduced. Europiren is a company that operates on a global scale and provides companies with flame retardant materials. Because most of the products and coating they use are from their own resources, you will pay the best price for this extraordinary safety feature.